Michael Malik-Pioneer in the casino gaming industry

31 Jan

A Self-proclaimed developer and entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan, Mr Michael J. Malik, Sr. was born on February 1954 and resides in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan.

His name is looked as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, as Mr Malik with his hard work and excellent business skills, took legalized gambling to the next level.

The liberator of ideologies, Mr Michael has worked in partnership with numerous projects for the development of gamble halls and new clubs that are some of the most happening places in the U.S.

The real figure behind removing the stigma from the word “gambling”, Michael Malik Sr. has given newer direction to the gaming industry.

Some of the major projects of Michael include Gateway Casino Resorts LLC, and Barwest LLC. Not only this, he also acquired an empire that spanned over an expansion of 1000 acres and established a Paradise Hunt Club, a premiere wild gaming club that offers every type of natural habitat for hunting & fishing.